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O.K... So we’ve been too busy running our events to design our own website! Great for us but not so great for you if you’re keen to know what we do or what we’ve been up to recently.

There’s no big secret: Don’t come to us if you want a contrived corporate business game, a 'run-of-the-mill' conference or a so-called ‘team-building’ weekend in Wales.

When it comes to genuine employee development, we design bespoke events, relevent to your Industry, that can help you deliver the results in spades (sometimes literally!) whilst leaving your particpants with the ultimate sense of challenge and achievement.

What We've Been Up To...

Event: BT Challenge Kenya
Link: Community Project Overview Kiberia
Link: Apprentice Diary
Client: BT
Media: Video

*This event proved so successful that the original participants are planning a repeat trip in June 2008 to relive their experience. And this time, they’re funding themselves!  

As for the client, BT were so impressed with their newly re-energised & inspired workforce that they've integrated this event into their ongoing training plans as an essential element.

Happy, motivated people all round; including us!

Event: Challenge Borneo
Link: The New Straits Time
Client: Jaguar/Land Rover/Aston Martin
Media: Press Article: New Straits Times, National Newspaper of Malaysia

Link: New Sabbah Times
Media: Press Article: Sabah Times – Centre spread feature & Front cover Teaser

Event: Challenge Africa
Link: Community Channel
Client: Land Rover
Media: Television Documentary*

*This has been running almost continuously since January, only just come off air but you can catch it on-line or contact us for a DVD
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